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Weather Protect

UV Ray protection and a strong weather proof film on both sides of the panels' makes CenturyExteria high pressure laminates strong and invincible against heavy rains, acid rain, storms and harsh sunlight.

Temperature Resistance

The product could withstand temperatures ranging from -20° C to +80° C making it to be the most suitable exterior cladding option for any kind of climatic conditions prevailing in India from frosty weather to chilling heat.

High Insulation

CenturyExteria has a high level of insulation providing a considerable reduction in A.C. heat loads in a commercial building and also protects the warmth of the building in chilling winters.

Acoustic Resistance

CenturyExteria has a high level of acoustic resistance and so provides a considerable reduction in noise levels in commercial space like hospitals, office buildings, hotels, schools besides heavily trafficked roads.

Green Guard

The hardened resins used in the production process of CenturyExteria are also completely non-toxic, thereby lowering the emission of toxic gases and making products eco-friendly and future safe.

CenturyExteria popularizes the concept of "green" buildings as it contains non-toxic colours which are free from heavy metals (e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury etc.). CenturyExteria is Greenguard® certified.

The standard offering of CenturyExteria is FR Class 1 certified, thus ensuring utmost safety specifically in the case of high rise buildings.

Swift Delivery and Service

Century ply CenturyExteria has the excellent delivery timeline of 2 - 3 weeks post acknowledgement of the order. This swift delivery period is because of superior logistics support and presence of state - of – the art, self-owned manufacturing facilities at Joka, Kolkata. 4 well managed distribution centers and 32 well connected branches make sure that after sales service and delivery standards are always maintained. Whatever be the location in India, it is within the grasp of CenturyExteria.

CenturyExteria - a latest offering from the House of Centuryply boasts of an extensive network of third party applicators throughout India that ensure all projects are completed within time and to the utmost satisfaction of customers.

Consistent supplier source for the rivets used in fixation of CenturyExteria panels ensure a clean, uniform look for your building exteriors.

10 Year Warranty

And above all, the CenturyExteria range of high pressure laminates comes with a warranty of 10 years* from the date of its supply.

Note – * 10 Years warranty against any kind of manufacturing defect in the CenturyExteria product.

For details, please refer our warranty document for the product.