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Welcome to CenturyExteria

Welcome to the vibrant universe of Centuryply® CenturyExteria. A brand new range of exterior grade designer laminate panels that promises to revolutionize home and office facades across India. Going beyond the world of interiors, we bring you the best of exterior solutions in a variety of designer shades & patterns. Locally manufactured at Centuryply’s own manufacturing facility in India, CenturyExteria makes it a lot easier to meet your project deadlines. Meant to create a lasting impression, CenturyExteria drapes building facades with style, and comes with the Centuryply® assurance of quality and reliability.

The CenturyExteria Edge

CenturyExteria is available in wide range of stunning shades in solids and sophisticated wooden grain patterns. This gives consumers the perfect opportunity to pinpoint the correct option for their apartments, homes or office buildings. Such an extensive range of CenturyExteria HPL has been offered for the first time in the Domestic market.

CenturyExteria laminates are found in a wide range of thickness.The range is available in 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and up to 18 mm thicknesses, and this wide variety makes the CenturyExteria HPL suitable for all kinds of building exterior applications.


  • Façade Cladding

    Century Exteria® has a stunning range of colours and textures that lend a suave sophisticated appearance to facades. Be it a smart business complex or a bustling shopping center Century ExteriaTM has the capacity to enrich the consumer experience.

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  • Balcony Cladding

    Balcony claddings by Century Exteria® have the power to transform the entire look of an apartment. With its strong structure, safety specifications and attractive color concepts, Century ExteriaTM opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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  • Louvers

    Customized design solution by Century Exteria® recommends the best louver system according to the specific project (geographic allocation, climatic conditions, annual air pressure, sunshine duration)

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  • Roof Cladding

    Century Exteria®proves that roofs are meant for much more than protection. Stunning design options provide interesting possibilities for decoration.

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