Exterior Grade Laminates (EGL)

CenturyExteria grade laminate has become the talk of the town for the simple reason that it takes you away from those not-so-interesting whitewash for your exterior walls. There are many manufacturers that are offering you the exterior laminate sheet. Although you can choose any, CenturyExteria exterior laminates are the best choice you can make for your exterior.

This exterior laminate sheet is seepage proof to avoid any harm that can be done by moisture or water. Adding to this, these exterior laminates are impact-resistant and resistant to UV radiation too, which is a rarity in exterior wall cladding.

CenturyExteria is a hassle-free exterior grade laminate. It is not only easy to install these exterior laminates but are also quite easy to maintain too.

Not only this, CenturyExteria is a double side decorative that looks beautiful both in and out. Coming in a wide range of colours and textures, CenturyExteria gives you plenty of options to choose from for your home or office exteriors. The wall cladding panels offered by CenturyExteria, are also perforation friendly so that you do not have to restrain yourselves on the design aspect.

With its double hardened resin and a decade warranty period, CenturyExteria, high pressure laminate exterior cladding, offers an on-point strength factor so that you can be stress-free about how your home or office space looks from outdoors.

Exterior Grade Laminates (EGL) : FEATURES

CenturyExteria exterior grade HPL is a decorative dry-cladding solution from the house of CenturyPly®, which is a rare mix
of functionality, design optimization and aesthetics.

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